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Replace your factory speakers to bring quality sound to the inside of your vehicle. We offer these speakers in various sizes from the top manufacturers to ensure proper fit and power handling for exceptional sound improvements over cheap factory speakers.

Manufacturers include:
Hertz , JL Audio, Audio Mobil, Alpine and Massive


The level of improvement from adding a subwoofer enclosure is unmatched compared to any other improvement you can do to your system.

From a micro 6″ ‘s to 2-13 W7’s we can get you a great sounded bass upgrade for almost any vehicle.

Bass Amps

Add some more power to your vehicles audio system. Clean up the sound or make it dramatically louder. We offer a variety of amplifiers from 250 watts to 1500 watts!!

Only the best brands JL audio, Massive, Hertz, Audison, and Alpine.

Marine Audio

Let us upgrade your audio system on your boat so you can enjoy your music on the water.

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